Lazer Zone

The biggest and best laser tag arena in Scotland!

The Zone is home to Scotland’s original and best multi-level laser tag arena.

More than just a collection of partitions, our huge multi-level arena contains barrels, rigging, floor vents, giant tubes, ramps, lookout points, balconies and more – all designed to make the playing arena more challenging and fun.

Add some great lighting, lasers and the brilliant Darklight V5 equipment and you have the best laser tag experience in Scotland!

Whether you are 8 or 68 you will love the adrenaline pumping exhilaration of stalking your opponent and unleashing a volley of laser fire in what can best be described as a real life computer game!

Party Packages

If you want to try something different for a kid’s birthday party then why not have a Laser Party here at The Zone.

We offer brilliant value 2 or 3 game packages which include the use of a party area, freshly made hot food platters, unlimited juice, ice cream and a free game voucher.

Parties can be arranged any day and at most times for 8 or more people.

To book a Laser Party all you need to do is give us a call, or if you have never played or been to a laser tag centre before and not sure if it is for you, please come in sometime and one of our friendly staff will show you around.

Need more information? Please check out the FAQ’s page for answers to most of the common questions we get asked!

Great fun for kids and adults too!

Our lightweight bodysuits are suitable for children and adults (we recommend age 8 and over) with adjustable straps to ensure they fit everyone properly.

Each bodysuit has 7 illuminated sensors called BLOBS which produce a rich glow of visable light. With BLOBS on the front and back of the bodysuit, as well as on the top of the phaser, it is possible to be tagged from any angle including above or below in our multi-level arena.

The Phaser which shoots the laser beam incorporates a two trigger firing system and a continually updating LCD panel informing the user of score, rank etc.

To make your gaming experience more exciting our arena is fitted with a number of GEMs – a unique part of the Darklight system – they can be found all over the arena and can both help or hinder players during the game. By tagging GEMs you can receive power-ups like rapid fire or invisibility, however if you are not quick enough the GEM will tag you first! We can play a wide variety of advanced laser games and it is possible to play team games with up to four teams!



Laser tag is an active game played with technology which is extremely safe. The lasers are very low power and actually just for effect – the tagging is done by a similar type of system to a TV remote!

Unlike paintball, the only way you know you have been “hit” is because your pack tells you.

Care is obviously required as players move around our semi-dark and hazy arena and our staff monitor games to ensure our common sense safety rules are followed.

The age range of players in a game can vary, but our experience is that this usually only adds to the fun!

Our arena can be booked exclusively if required – details on the FAQ page.

Laser Zone