Laser Frenzy Maze


The Laser Frenzy Maze is an interactive game consisting of a number of laser beams. Players have to navigate through the laser maze without breaking them. Points deducted for each beam broken…

Coming to duck and dive at the Frenzy Maze

The Laser Frenzy Maze is suitable for both children and adults (recommended age 5 and over) and is open everyday to come and play – including evenings.

It is located in it’s own room in the cafe area of The Zone with plenty of seating for parents etc. to keep an eye on the fun through a tinted window, to see how well there secret agent is doing, and perhaps enjoy a coffee and cake from the cafe.

The unique nature of the parfies we offer does mean there are times when U18 Laser Frenzy Maze will unfortunately be unavailable to the public. To avoid any disappointment (especially at weekends) please give us a call to check availability and we can advise on any bookings we may have.

Skill Level

The Laser Frenzy Maze can be operated at varying levels:

  • Easy: Only 8 beams being activated
  • Medium: 12 beams being activated
  • Hard: All 16 beams being activated


The lasers used in the Lazer Frenzy Maze are class 1 lasers and therefore fall into the safest category. In the event of a broken beam, the laser in queston is turned off right away.

laser- frenzy maze

Party Packages

If you want to try something different for a kid’s birthday party then why not have a Laser Frenzy Maze Party here at The Zone.

We offer brilliant value 2 or 3 session packages which include the use of a party area, freshly made hot food platters, unlimited juice and an ice cream.

Parties can be arranged any day and at most times for 6 or more people.

To book a Laser Frenzy Maze Party all you need to do is give us a call, or if you have never played or been to the Zone before and not sure if it for you, please come in sometime and one of our friendly staff will show you around.

laser frenzy maze