The common questions we get asked – Laser Tag

  • Do you have a minimum age?

    We recommend age 8 and up for laser tag but are happy to accept younger players. The dark, music, other players, smoke and light effects etc. can be a problem for some younger players, but we accept that everyone is different and as long as they and you are happy that they will have a good lime they are welcome to play.

  • How many people are needed to play a game?

    As long as there is someone else to shoot the game will work, so the absolute minimum is 2! There are often other players here for you to play against, but it is not a problem to play a game with just a few players if required.

  • I’ve have never played before, will someone explain what to do?

    YES – one of our staff will brief all new players on all aspects of the game before the game starts and will be available during the game to help or offer advice if required.

  • What should I wear and do I need any special clothes?

    Laser Tag in a huge multi-level arena is an active experience and you will get hot! Wear clothes that you are comfortable being reasonably active in, with training shoes being the best choice of footwear. Don’t worry about trying to wear black as it doesn’t really make a lot of difference as your suit will be covered in bright lights anyway!

  • Does it hurt when you get tagged / shot?

    You would be surprised how many times we get asked this question! The suit you wear will vibrate very slightly to tell you you have been shot, but there are no shocks or burns etc with the laser beam itself being a low power devices that is actually just for show.

  • Will I have to come out if I get shot too many times?

    N0 – our games are set up to keep you playing for the complete length of the game and every player will get the same duration of game regardless of how good or bad!

  • Will there be other people playing in my game?

    We operate a 30 player system so during most games there may be other people playing in your game – this includes birthday party bookings. We can offer exclusive use of the arena for groups of 25 or more and can also advise on times when we are generally less busy if you would prefer this.

  • How long will the game last?

    We work with 25 minute game slots and this includes the briefing etc. The game itself will be a minimum of 15 minutes but we always strive to increase this time whenever possible to maximise your actual playing time. Most customers play a couple of games and we recommend that you have a break between games – this means for example you should allow about an hour and 20 minutes or so to play 2 games.

  • What is the format of your Birthday Party Packages?

    We will normally ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your first game to get you settled into your party room, allow your guests to pick a name they would like to play as, then get this booked in to our computers. One of our staff will then brief everyone on how the game works before playing the first game. When this game is finished your food will be served in the party room and everyone can check their score sheets to see how they got on. Following this break (about 20mins) we will play a second game then back to the party room for ice-cream, more juice and perhaps some birthday cake. Our 2 game package lasts about 1¾ hours with a 3 game package adding another game to the above and another 25 minutes.

  • Do adults need to supervise or play in the game?

    Adults are always welcome to play but we will have staff briefing everyone then supervising the games so you do not have to play if you don’t want to!

  • Do I need to book or can we simply turn up to play?

    Booking is not necessary but is recommended as we can confirm availability and give you exact times.